Evolution…I think

For someone who has been in steady employment for over 14 years, it is so hard to transition to another phase. The comfort of having a steady paycheck at the end of each month and not having to worry and count each and every coin all the time is very liberating. On the other hand, I am yet to meet a millionaire who made it in life by relying on a salary at the end of each month…bright side, right?

How then, does one make the leap? Is there really ever a right time? Money lending institutions rarely, if ever, give loans for start ups. Employment while taking care of a growing family hardly ever leaves room for growth/savings. If anything, one may come out deeper in debt when the family is young and kids always need something or other. It is especially tougher for single parents since everything rests on their shoulders.

Starting up in business is challenging, more so without having capital to build on. The success of your company sometimes rests on having money to build the company itself. From registration, to licences, to marketing etc., it takes a lot of hard work and more importantly unwavering support from at least one person to encourage you when nothing seems to be working out.

Being unemployed is hard, and sometimes you just need some distraction especially for the over thinkers and worry warriors. Starting and growing a business is that much harder when you do not have the right support system to keep pulling you back up when you start wallowing in the abyss of despair.

One thing I have realized in this journey though, is that everyone is struggling one way or another. And although some friends will fall along the wayside on your journey to discover your purpose, others are just unable to propel you forward to your destination as they are also struggling to find their own way.

It is therefore important not to judge people by how much they help you along the way. Rather, pray for discernment so that you may be open to all possibilities. No one owes you anything in this life, and having expectations of people is a sure path to depression.

Big up to all the true ones who give advice and encouragement where they cannot spare any money. The one’s who put in a good word and push business my way whenever they see opportunities.
Most importantly, big up to those who always send funny memes(they help)😁.
One day at a time, one foot in front of the other and someday, the early struggles will fade away into oblivion as we fight bigger and bigger battles

P/s: If I do not pick your calls, just text. Sometimes even talking on the phone can be pretty exhausting, especially if you are calling to just assess what exactly I am doing with my life at this point so that you can decide exactly how much respect to accord me.