Just laugh, it’s never that serious

I really miss my grandma and her humorous nature. When she went to be with the Lord, I lost my love for writing and life got a bit more serious for me mostly because I just never thought she would die so soon after my grandpa. But such was their love for each other I suppose or maybe she was just lonely after spending most of her life since she was a teen with him.

So, recently, I attended a burial where a friend had lost his mum. Very sad affair indeed but people spoke so beautifully of her. I felt a kind of kinship unlike any I have ever felt outside of my family.

One individual, who I later came to learn was her brother, stood up and walked to the temporary podium that was set up for tribute giving. By his dressing and his gait, I already knew that his was going to be a fun one. The colourful gentleman spoke in Luo and although I never understood a word he said, by the people’s laughter and high fives, I was reminded of Baba and her brothers/sisters.

B’ab’a is how we refer to grandmother in our mother tongue. She was really one of a kind. One story I remember so vividly was that of one of their relatives who had been slammed by a bull. The problem was not really the being hit part, but the place in which he was hit….. That’s right, he was hit smack between the cheeks!!

When they went to visit him – B’ab’a and her siblings, they found the guy suspended from the ceiling with bandages in his rear region. They all burst out laughing simultaneously – including the patient!! And all they could ask was how did it happen?! A very interesting story by the way 😂😂😂, but one for another day.

This particular story came to mind while I watched this gentleman talk about his sister, and my heart just warmed up as I laughed at my own joke along with the one’s who were laughing to his.
I can’t help but think it was B’ab’a passing a message to me, to let her go and to not take life too seriously. I miss you my friend, but the memories I have of you are enough to last a lifetime.

I hope you are making them laugh in heaven, and that you re-joined your true love and are watching over us. Cheers B’ab’a!!! I love you so very much

5 thoughts on “Just laugh, it’s never that serious

  1. I remember that same speaker quite well; he was animated, he was happy, and while I don’t know Luo either (and I don’t even know Swahili!), I felt the same emotions.

    He loved his sister, and he was celebrating. It was beautiful to see.

    I feel sad for our friend, but I also now envy how strong his family is.

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