Getting off the Ferris wheel….

This year, she vows to start off strong. She refuses to be pulled into negative self talk and second guessing her decisions. She vows to say no and not feel guilty about it. To love and give herself as much as she gives her family.

This year, she is focusing on herself as the biggest project of her life. The past two years have been tough. With patches of good times and genuine laughter but mostly sadness, depression and feelings of dread, anxiety and panic attacks.

No more of that. She realized that she has, inadvertently been chopping away at her own self esteem. She realized, that she has been giving more and more room in her heart and in her brain to the things that bring her pain, thinking obsessively about them, watering them and allowing them to blossom in her heart and mind.

No more of that, now she is going to redirect that pain and passion to personal growth. Giving herself the same compassion and love she gives those around her.

Whether she has support along this path is irrelevant, and until she commits wholeheartedly to the cause, things will never change. For reliance on others for support, even when they vow to stand by you in sickness and in health, is a sure way to trip and fail emotionally and otherwise.

Time is like a river, constantly flowing and never stopping for anyone. One minute we are born, the next minute we are gone. The least we can do is make the best use of the time we have in between.

Getting off the ferris wheel is hard. Pain is addictive, and defeat easy to accept as opposed to putting up a fight. Time to recalibrate.

May all your pursuits this year be fruitful and may you succeed in all that you have set out to do!!

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