Spicy Home life hacks

Dear Men,

Please brush your teeth, I beseech you. I had a colleague who used to take a lot of smoke breaks some years back. That was not the problem though…his teeth had an added layer. It was a cream-ish almost yellow film of just filth! I almost said something but held my tongue because I had always been accused of being too direct!

I often wondered why the wife never asked him to brush his teeth though. After all, he was married at least fifteen years from what he used to say. This memory was triggered by a conversation I came across on the streets of Meta.
A guy was complaining about how his wife never wears a bra when she is in the house and is generally not doing her best to look appealing such that he has to pass by his local to have a few drinks before going home. He was also complaining that he can’t even remember the last time they kissed!

It made me wonder, does he even brush his teeth after those drinking sprees? It is one thing to complain about how little a woman is doing to look appealing when she is in the house but what about you? What exactly are you doing to appeal to her?
You see folks, it goes both ways. Funky, foul smells do not turn anyone on. Ask yourself how often you take your time to look, smell and appeal to her. Leaving those pubs smelling like a smokehouse and stale alcohol in the morning then expecting someone to warm up to you is a no-no.
And if you want a kiss, do not be like my colleague. The least you can do is take charge of your oral hygiene.

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Happy holidays!!!