How far does the apple really fall?

Some men grow up vowing to not be the man their fathers were after seeing how their moms were treated by them. Only to grow up being the perfect sons and exactly the same husbands their dads were.

Apart from the few who decide to consciously make a choice to treat their women differently, the stories are the same everywhere.

Today I thought a lot about my grandparents, and how they fought against all odds to stick together. Even in death, they were never far apart. As conflicted as I am about religion, I know without a shadow of a doubt that the greatest gift of all is LOVE…..

Whenever I pray these days, I always ask my grandparents to guide me and intercede for me. Times can get tough as they usually do but I know they are in another dimension, and they hear me and love me unconditionally.

A lot can be said about the afterlife, but we are not ready for that discussion yet. All I know for now is, I want to be here for as long as I can. Meanwhile, I will long for what they had as long as I live, coz it was special. I am glad I witnessed that, it was not a soap opera, that was real and raw……..sigh