Being present

Wrote this a few years back but it’s still worth sharing:

Each time I attend a funeral,I am reminded of how fragile life is.We spend so much of our time on this earth cherishing and putting value on material things forgetting that this life is not permanent.It is meant to be lived fully,without tension,grudges or the notion that we are immortal.

As I write this I am sitted on a pew in a funeral service,being conducted purely in a tongue that is foreign to me.But the implications,emotions and all the infractions in everyone’s faces tells me that in whichever language we mourn,we do mourn and the sadness and heaviness in our hearts is the same.

As the year started,I had vowed not to make any resolutions,but as I sit here,in a church,around this scene that has of late become way too familiar,I have made one or two resolutions.
To show love to my family,do good and live a FULL life.

I seek to move from my comfort zone,and with God’s help soar higher and higher.Life is not permanent,it is to be cherished.The regrets of yesterday are gone….focusing on moving on and living it to the fullest!Godspeed