Unconditional love…you never see it coming

People who love us can still hurt us and probably more so than strangers because in the most intimate of moments we have shared our insecurities, fears, past hurt and pain. It is human nature to feel the need to confide in somebody, trust in them and believe that they will not judge you for feeling the way you do(negative or positive)
Love creates the illusion that we are beyond reproach in the eyes of our loved ones. That they will always stand by us no matter how much no one else will. But that is just an illusion.
The reality is that all you can do is: Love yourself, unconditionally. Release your bottled up emotions to avoid erupting at the smallest triggers. Make time for long walks, alone. Avoid living beyond your means. Nurture your inner strength. Stop apologizing for being you. Surround yourself with positive people. Embrace your situation, whatever it may be.

Everything else, leave it to the Lord in prayer, for only He can love without judgement, and forgive and forget past transgressions-truth. Unconditional love starts with loving you